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Things to do and see in Port Renfrew

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Port Renfrew, only 110 km west of Victoria, is located on the southwestern edge of Vancouver Island, at the end of the stunning and legendary West Coast Road (otherwise known as Highway 14). Described as “The Jewel of the West Coast,” this remote, quaint little oceanside town is surrounded by rugged, largely untouched wilderness. It is best known for being the western terminus point of the Juan De Fuca Trail, the southernmost entrance to the Pacific Rim National Park, and for its proximity to The West Coast Trail. Port Renfrew is the scenic home to some of the largest trees in North America, and is one of the best places in the world for salmon and halibut fishing.


Historically the home of the Pacheedaht First Nation, meaning “People of the Sea Foam,” you can still find traditional village sites in and around the main town centre, left as an homage to the original residents. Following the founding of Fort Victoria in 1859, British settlers used the area as a small fishing village and logging town. Today, Port Renfrew is a collection of neighbourhoods that are home to a small, but growing population of approximately 140 people, most of which live in the Beach Camp area.

Things to do and see in Port Renfrew

Avatar Grove
Thanks to the preservation efforts by the community and the Ancient Forest Alliance in 2012, Avatar Grove is a rare, off-limits-to-logging, magnificent old growth forest that houses and preserves not just some of North America’s, but also the world’s largest trees. Known as the home to “Canada’s Gnarliest Tree,” Avatar Grove also contains the world’s largest Douglas fir—the Red Creek Fir—and Canada’s largest spruce—the San Juan Spruce.


Botanical Beach

Located in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park, Botanical Beach is best known for the abundance of life in its unique intertidal zone. Species that survive here can handle a wide range of conditions in the harsh and unforgiving area between high and low tides, where significant daily tidal fluctuations create dramatic changes in temperature, predators, food sources, and salinity on an hourly basis. If you’re lucky, you can even see Killer Whales, Grey Whales, California and Northern Sea Lions, and Harbour Seals off of the coast while you’re checking out the colourful tide pools.


Juan de Fuca Marine Trail and Sombrio Beach

A rugged 47-kilometre wilderness hiking trail located within Juan de Fuca Provincial Park, the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail boasts panoramic views of the coastline, Juan de Fuca Strait, and the Olympic Mountains. Here you can view whales, sea lions, bald eagles, herons, and other magnificent wildlife.

Sombrio Beach, located along the trail, is most coveted for its secret waterfall, which you can discover hidden in a mossy, emerald green cave. It also boasts surfing opportunities that rival Tofino’s.

Port Renfrew Real Estate

Looking for an affordable opportunity to have an oceanfront property that is nestled in the lush green rainforest? Look no further than the Port Renfrew. Whether you’re called to make a lifestyle shift to the secluded, nature-soaked region, or are looking for a part-time vacation home for you and your family, Port Renfrew has many real estate options for you.

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