West Coast Road

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West Coast Road

The iconic West Coast Road, otherwise known as Highway 14, is an awe-inspiring 103km route that hugs the rugged western coast of Vancouver Island. Constructed in 1953, this highway runs from Langford (a suburb of Victoria) all the way to Port Renfrew and is the only paved way to travel between Sooke and Port Renfrew. Save for some dirt roads along the way, the West Coast Road provides exclusive access to the untamed wilderness that is the west coast of Vancouver Island, and offers endless opportunities to witness the truly authentic and uninhibited expression of the Pacific Ocean.
While some experience the West Coast Road transiently—on a road trip of a lifetime, as a part of the Pacific Marine Circle Route—others are drawn to this stretch of spectacular wilderness to establish more of a permanent or vacation home. Dotted with towns along the way, there are all sorts of places for all types of people to connect with.

Towns Along the West Coast Road

Langford and Colwood

Both Langford and Colwood are suburbs of Victoria that offer the best of both worlds. With easy access to not just city amenities in neighbouring Victoria (a mere 20 minutes away), they also harbour unlimited opportunities for exploration of beautiful parks, lakes, and historic sites. With only 6 minutes driving time between them, wherever you land, you can easily be a part of what both towns have to offer.


Originally inhabited by the Coast Salish peoples, Metchosin currently boasts access to several regional parks, beautiful farmland, and tucked away oceanside homes. One of the most rural communities in the municipality of Greater Victoria, the town only offers a minimum of 1-2 acre lots to maintain the spacious feel of the area.


With a population of roughly 13,000, Sooke is the largest town along the West Coast Road route. With its get-to-know-your-neighbour community feel, basic city amenities, and breathtaking wildlife at your doorstep, here you get the 2-in-1 experience of small town meets nature-lover’s paradise. Here you can go from exploring incredible natural attractions such as East Sooke Regional Park and the geological formations of Sooke Potholes Provincial Park, to going out and enjoying delicious, fresh, and local cuisine—all in a day.

Jordan River

Originating as a logging camp in the late 19th century, Jordan River is now most known for its hydroelectric plant and winter surfing. If you’re looking to ride the waves however, don’t expect to just drop in—you must earn your way into this cliquey and competitive surfing community. If you have what it takes though, it’s a hard-core surfer’s dreamland.

Port Renfrew

The last stop along the West Coast Road, Port Renfrew is a quaint, remote, oceanside town surrounded by largely untouched wilderness. With its proximity to the West Coast Trail, southernmost entrance of the Pacific Rim National Park, and the western terminus of the Juan De Fuca Trail, Port Renfrew is the ultimate hiker’s home base.

Whether you’re searching for a seasonal getaway property, or are craving a new place to call home, we can help. If you have any questions about where along this stunning route you should look to grow some roots, contact us at Sooke Real Estate and we’ll help you discover where you belong.

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