Sooke Real Estate Waterfront Homes

If you are looking for a home near the water, consider Sooke real estate waterfront homes.

Many people dream about living by the water. For some, a beach house is appealing, while others might like the idea of a log cabin nestled among the trees overlooking a lake. Still others might like to be near a river or stream, finding the sound of flowing water to be peaceful and calming.

Situated at the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Sooke is surrounded by some of the most spectacular natural beauty that you will find in the province, and home to plenty of shoreline for a waterfront home. But why choose Sooke?

A natural destination for any outdoor enthusiast, Sooke is home to spectacular hiking trails and coastal views. The Sooke Hills and Broom Hill offer excellent mountain biking opportunities, and neighbourhood parks and green spaces abound, meaning you are never far from nature. If you love the outdoors, you will love Sooke.

Multiple beaches await you, offering the opportunity to cool off and relax on hot days, or even go surfing in nearby Jordan River. You can even head out in your boat to do some fishing if that’s how you enjoy spending an afternoon.

For the family, Sooke has some excellent schools and is one of the only communities in Greater Victoria that has access to all three levels (K-12) of French Immersion nearby. Despite the fact that Sooke is developing, it still maintains a rural charm that is missing in many of the surrounding communities. Long-term residents and businesses still remain, adding to the character and sense of community that makes Sooke seem more like a quaint village.

But most of all, don’t overlook the water.

Water sports and activities aside, did you know that living near water has documented health benefits? It has been well established that your working and living environments have a significant effect on your health, but most studies have focused on green spaces and the benefits of trees and vegetation. A study conducted in 2016 by researchers from New Zealand and the US, however, found that simply living within sight of water was linked to a reduction in psychological stress. This was even after accounting for income levels, which are typically related to health outcomes.

Wallace J. Nichols, scientist and author, determined that when we are near water, “our brains switch into a different mode which can involve mind-wandering, creativity, and sleep, which are all known to be important to health, resilience, and productivity.”

So, when you are looking for a new home, why not consider Sooke, real estate waterfront homes, where you will not only be surrounded by the beauty of nature, but close to the healing waters?

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